VoIP Communication

VoIP is an ideal office phone solution for a small business.

It’s an easy acronym that stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which means that it is a telephone service that makes and receives calls over the internet. It also provides more flexible communication options and functionality for your organization to utilize. VoIP technology can provide you with a telephone service which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This means that your employees need not be onsite to take advantage of this solution. There are several benefits of VoIP phone service including the following:

Enhanced Call Center

With an IP based telephone system, your call center operators can access voice data over the internet rather than relying on traditional phone systems. Some providers also offer virtual phone numbers along with extensions so that customers can keep their contact information updated. The most advanced VoIP phone systems can even provide voicemail and auto-attendant functions.

Reduced Operational Costs – Most VoIP phone service providers include various features which can reduce operational costs. Some VoIP providers have call conferencing, which allows you to conduct a conference over a shared network. This feature takes up much less bandwidth, making your call cost less than it would be with a standard phone system. In addition to reducing operational costs, many providers offer software packages that automatically route calls between your computer and the VoIP provider. For businesses that regularly outsource calls to customers, this feature can be invaluable.

Reduced Marketing and Customer Awareness – VoIP has revolutionized business communication as we know it. Today, there are many options available to businesses when it comes to VoIP technology. Because of the large amount of competition, each VoIP provider is trying to get the edge on making it easy for customers to understand and use their services. By providing the tools that make video conferencing easy for employees and executives to use, companies like Video Conferencing from Avaya, AT&T, Cisco, and others can leverage their unique brand experiences and brand name in order to reduce customer confusion and increase employee productivity.

Improved Office Productivity – Is using a VoIP phone system will improve your office productivity because of the increased efficiency with which conversations are conducted. With a high speed internet connection, employees will be able to multi-task without slowing each other down. When using a VoIP phone system, customers will be able to feel more connected to the business and to employees at the same time, which will improve both their efficiency and productivity.

Better Customer Satisfaction – When using a new technology, there is always going to be a learning curve. When switching from a landline or an auto dialer to a VoIP Phone Service provider, there is always going to be a learning curve for the customer. Customer satisfaction will be the ultimate test for any VoIP Phone Service provider when it comes to their ability to provide useful, relevant, automated answers to customer questions. You will need to test and tweak each aspect of the process until you find the most effective way to conduct customer interactions and solve everyday details in an efficient manner. Only with thorough and continuous testing can you establish what works and what doesn’t work, allowing you to provide the most useful solution to your customers.

Call Quality & Responses

Using a VoIP Phone System will allow small businesses to expand their business into new geographic areas and to grow their customer base to include national, international, and even international markets. When you partner with a VoIP phone system provider, you will be able to easily expand your customer base and increase the quality of calls that are received. Small businesses can also greatly increase their response times to those they serve by leveraging advanced call delivery features. This is especially useful for international customers who may have issues getting through to an 800 number, as well as customers with time constraints. Providing a higher call quality and better responses to customer calls, will allow your small business to expand into new markets and grow at a faster rate.

  • If you currently have an internet connection and your office phone system has a standard PBX lines, you are already on your way to making improvements to your business using a VoIP Phone Service.
  • VoIP phones can be used with your existing office phone system, which will allow you to continue operating your business as usual while utilizing a scalable, highly efficient, cost-effective solution to all of your communication needs.
  • With a little training and some valuable guidance, you can start making improvements to your office environment today.